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Winter Newsletter July 2017

Winter is definitely here, along with runny noses, sore throats and coughs. When the weather outside is rainy and cold it is important to keep warm. Our bodies naturally want a quieter pace in the winter months and a cold may be nature’s way of saying “slow down” It can also provide an opportunity to naturally detox as it is also a way our body gets rid of dead cells and an opportunity to recharge our immune system. So being sick isn’t all bad, and nurturing ourselves with natural remedies, immune boosting herbs and nourishing foods can recharge our immune system and help us to bounce back even healthier.

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Christmas Newsletter December 2015

Christmas always seems to sneak up on us, and this year is no exception. Here at Cornucopia we are trying to keep Christmas simple and be aware of how we spend our money and what we buy for our family and friends.

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Spring Newsletter November 2015

Spring seems to have taken a while to arrive this year, but the blossoms are out and the weather is now getting warmer. In this edition we are looking at seasonal allergies as well as those suppliers who focus on garden products, growing and saving seeds.

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winter 2015

Winter Newletter July 2015

Well we are now past the shortest day and the days are definitely lengthening. However once the solstice is past it usually seems to get colder and wetter! Matariki is shining in our winter skies and we hope you have enjoyed your own Matariki celebrations whatever they may be and with all the colds and flus around we wish you warmth and wellness this winter.

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Christmas Newsletter December 2014

Hello to you all. Thankyou for reading our newsletters and for giving us your feedback, we really appreciate it.  This newsletter is full of things you may need to know for deliveries over the Christmas and holiday period, so do read it carefully. We also have many gift ideas, from delicious organic foods and drinks and organic beer and wine to gardening products, skin care, cosmetics and baby clothing and a great range of books all with 20% off for Christmas. I am sure you will be shopping wisely, ethically and. sustainably this Christmas and remember to buy local to support your local economy and New Zealand made and Fair Trade too where you can!

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Spring Newsletter October 2014

Spring is traditionally the time to do a cleanse or a detox and this issue we are focusing on products to cleanse the body and support allergies. Although Spring is warmly welcomed by us all, for some it means the allergy season, with higher levels of pollen and increased wind causing sneezing and other unpleasant symptoms! So we hope you will find something of interest to support your health this Spring, as we profile a few different NZ companies who are making a difference. 

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Winter Newsletter August 2014

The days are getting longer, but it feels there is still a bit of winter left, so stay warm and hopefully free from ills and chills and we hope you enjoy our end of winter newsletter.

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Autumn Newsletter May 2014

It is hard to imagine that winter is just around the corner as we continue to enjoy this beautiful Autumn weather. In this issue we want to bring your attention to what you are putting on your skin and also profile several of our local suppliers.

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Christmas Newsletter December 2013

As it is such a busy time of year, this newsletter will be much shorter as I am sure you don’t have time for much reading as the countdown for Christmas continues. Do note our opening hours, bread deliveries, and raw milk deliveries over the festive season and try to shop wisely, ethically and locally this Christmas!

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Spring Newsletter September 2013

We have very much appreciated the feedback we have had from our first newsletter and hope you enjoy this spring edition. The daylight hours are getting longer and the cycle of growth is beginning once again. Spring is the perfect time for getting into shape, and doing a natural and healthy detox to help strengthen and cleanse our bodies and improve our immune system, especially if we are prone to allergies. The ground is getting warmer and it’s also time to get in the garden, so read on.

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Welcome to our first newsletter! July 2013

Impossible, we hear you say, finally a Cornucopia newsletter?! We’ve come up with plenty of excuses over the years…we don’t have the computer skills, we don’t have the time, we’ve been busy looking after our valued customers. BUT we’ve run out of excuses, so here it is – our first newsletter, 20 years in the making!

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